Something’s on My Mind

Since I have decided to call this blog, Something’s on My Mind, I thought I would talk about something on my mind.

I am a writer. I write when I can convince myself it is necessary. It is necessary a lot. If I don’t write I get a bit grumpy and it isn’t pretty.

I can also convince myself that it isn’t necessary to write. At all.

And for a time, it is okay. And then it isn’t.

It is like exercising. You can do it for a long time, as in years, and then think maybe I don’t have to do it as much. And pretty soon you don’t do it at all. You feel okay. And look okay. But your soul feels as though a chunk is missing.

You try a few things to make it feel better. Maybe go out more. Or eat more. Or drink more adult beverages.

It doesn’t help.

Then one day, someone says, ” Want to go for a walk?” and you say yes. When it is done, there is a little sunshine inside you. Not much, maybe just a spark, but it is there. You realize it is what you have been missing. The next day, you for a walk by yourself.


It’s that way with the writing, except you are the one who says, ” Want to write something?” and you do. Just a little ditty.

Then the next day, you just do it. Way to go.


You feel great. You feel home.


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