Snow? Did you say snow?

Yes. Yes, I did.

On March 20, 2016 the day of the vernal equinox, we had snow. Where I was anyway.

Our granddaughter was confirmed at her church in a town about a hundred miles north and east of us. We drove up to her house on Saturday.  It had been cold on Saturday, but Sunday when we got up it was cold and windy, but dry.

We got ready and started our half-hour trek to the church, from her house, and part way there, it started snowing. And then it got heavier. By the time we reached the church the cars there were covered with snow. The grass was spearing out of the white stuff on the ground. And the forsythia looked as though they wished they had not come out this early, with the snowflakes gathering on their tips. The jonquils bent their heads in submission to the weather.

We left her for rehearsal and went to find some breath mints. Well, you know, we will be hugging and being close, so you want to know your breath is fresh.

It was still snowing. Not a lot but, still, it is the week before Easter.

And yes, I know it is also March in the Ozarks and anything can happen.

I want you to know that the confirmation, rite of affirming your baptismal vows, went without a hitch and was beautiful. When we left the church the sun was shining and the snow, was. gone.

The jonquils lifted their heads to the sun and appeared to be unaffected by the snow.

We were all looking for warmth and sunshine.

When we got home, the next day, we had tulips out and some sunshine, but it was still cool.

The sunshine showed up today along with 75 degrees.

Gotta love spring.




5 thoughts on “Snow? Did you say snow?

  1. I love all the beautiful details of the flowers and the weather–and the breath mints. You crack me up. This post is beautiful, funny, and a little awe inspiring too. Happy Vernal Equinox to you!


  2. You described spring in my area of the country as well. The details paint a perfect mental picture. I am also looking for warmth and sunshine, and I think I will be waiting at least another month for it to appear in upstate NY.


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