My Life as a Musical





When I was growing up, I got to see a lot of movies. My parents ran a restaurant downtown where we lived. I was about nine or so when we started that part of our lives. I have a brother five years older than I, so we were left to ourselves during the day while our parents worked. We lived not to far from the city bus stop, so it was possible in the summer to ride to the restaurant and get my lunch then go to a movie. I averaged three movies a week and sometimes, more.

My favorites were comedies and musicals.

I loved musicals. I thought life was a musical. I hoped my life would be a musical. I think I knew at the time, that it was not real life, but who is to say it couldn’t be?

One of my favorites was 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. The t v show was based on it. The movie was based on an ancient Roman legend Rape of the Sabine Women, which in the movie is told as Sobbing Women, anyway, the reason it was a favorite is because the music, the dance and the story wove together so well, that it seemed natural for lumber jacks to dance and sing while they build a barn and have a picnic.

And, I was ten. Who wouldn’t want Howard Keel or Russ Tamblyn to sing and dance for you?

You add in that this was also the time of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, you can understand that I thought life would be a musical.

It never occurred to me that it hadn’t happened yet, but I just thought it was all in growing up. I also thought everyone had someone in their family that could play the piano and sing without sheet music, but, I was wrong. About both.

It wasn’t in growing up that everything was set to music  and not everyone had someone who could play the piano without knowing the notes on the pages. We did. My mother. She could listen to a song once and then play it. It might take a few playthroughs before she got it right, but she could do it.

No, I didn’t inherit that talent.


5 thoughts on “My Life as a Musical

  1. The world would be a much better place if people spontaneously busted out in song and dance! I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers over the Christmas holiday at my sister’s. And now I’m going to be seeing “Bless your beautiful hide” all night.

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  2. Our prespective during childhood is so innocent. You are fortunate to have had the gift of music in your life through your mother. It was fun to read about your childhood.


  3. I swear I knew every musical as a child but this one. For some reason, this one scared me a little bit and now that I se it is based on the Sabine women, I understand why I was uneasy. Yes, the music did so much to make it all positive and presentable. So interesting that your parents owned a restaurant. I think I have a serious ear worm now as the score of Seven brides got going in my head.


  4. I loved musicals too–still do. Early training in storytelling, this was, although of course I had no idea at the time. I love Seven Brides–the dancing and all the man antics–and now I want to see it again.


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