On the Floor


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When our son and family visited us, I was in the living room finishing up my yoga session with my usual ending of corpse pose when our grandson, about 15, came in and said,”Call someone! She’s been killed!” My son came in and said, “Nah, she’s just pretending so we will go away” I got up and said no, silly, just finishing my yoga.

Did I mention I do a great corpse pose?

One spring I had to have major surgery and had to take it easy for a while, but it didn’t take long to get back to my yoga routine.

That fall I had a visit from older brother and his female friend. They stayed with us for a few days, and one night they all went to bed but me, and since it was fairly early, I decided to do some yoga to get a good nights sleep.

Did I say I had had surgery?
I was on the floor in the living room when I heard someone go into the bathroom. I didn’t look I was just finishing up with, yep, corpse pose.
A bit later I heard the bathroom door open, so I opened my eyes, I could see down the hall to the bathroom, and saw the lady coming out of the bathroom, so I opened my eyes and said hi.

Did I mention I do a great corpse pose? Well, she almost did the real thing.

Today my husband had to take the car out for repair and called me to say he was on his way home. It took me too long answer the phone and it went to the message machine. Yes, we still use an old tape style message machine. Anyway, after I got to the phone and we waited through the bells, beeps and whistles, I got to talk and said, sorry I took so long, but I was on the floor. He didn’t bat an eyelash, just said, on my way home.

Did I say I do a great corpse pose?



16 thoughts on “On the Floor

    1. Well, I can do my version of corpse pose. It was the first pose I learned and my instructor always started and ended each practice with it. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

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  1. This was fun. I have a friend who does a good corpse pose as well. I discovered that when I walked into her house one evening. I was expected–but I hadn’t expected her to have fallen asleep in said pose. Much shrieking ensued.


  2. Stella, I’m DYING! I laughed the whole way through! I love yoga, and shivasana (corpse pose) is probably my favorite part. Hahahaha! I just love that you do yoga! You have a flair for humor, m’dear, especially of the wry and slightly self-deprecating variety, it would seem. As Tonia said, you’ve got the artful repetition down cold! Namaste, my friend!


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