Things That are Blue

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Stars can be blue.

The sky can be blue.

Feelings can be blue.

What if we turned the color of our feelings?

Red for anger. Yellow for frustration. Blue for happy.

What if you really turned blue?

Being blue can make it difficult to pick out your clothes for the day.

They have to match your shade. Or enhance it. Perhaps you don’t have the color that would best set off your color.

What if you were blue and you faded into the sky?

Or you could rise to the sky? How cool would that be? You could soar with the eagles and roost with the bluejays.

How would it feel to perch on a branch thirty feet from the ground?

Would you teeter?

Would you totter?

Writing makes me happy.

Writing could make me blue for a day.  It would be uplifting.

OOOOOO, I must go. I am rising to the occasion. If you see a bluejay, say hey!. It may be me.


4 thoughts on “Things That are Blue

  1. Oooh! I love the free association of this! And I’m with you–I think blue is the best color, and therefore I don’t mind associating it with happy and flight. I feel as though there’s a poem waiting to be found among your words. And for the record, I wanna soar with eagles and perch with the bluejays.


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