Hair has never been my crowning glory. It has been long, short, straight and curly. It has also been tangled, mussed and missed. As I have gotten older it has gotten less. There is no way to make less seem like more. Especially since I don’t want wigs, implants or paint.

Image result for hairstyles

Do I wish it looked like this? I do. However, since it has never looked like that, it is probably not going to happen.

I am not bald. Just short-changed in the amount of hair department. I would say that all of us get less hair as we get older and I would probably be correct. It is just that mine is so fine and now thin, that losing any of it is a sad time.

It is probably the coarseness of silk thread. Single strand. When I awake in the morning, it is sticking straight up. Water helps. Then I look like a drowned kitten. Or if I run my fingers through it while it is wet, a frightened, drowned kitten. By drowned, I mean dunked in water and all the fur slicks down.

I am not really complaining, just stating. When I get to heaven, I want hair like the above, no glasses and be able to hear the angels wings. And no babushkas.

Right now a piece of chocolate the size of the ark could appease me.

Speaking of which, think I will go have one.

Okay, mini Milkyway.


12 thoughts on “Hair

  1. You know, this was such a surprise topic I almost don’t know what to say. I read this one women’s magazine which often has tips on what to do about hair thinning for women and it seems there are options several options. Now, I’m wondering about my own hair. Off to do a head count. Thought provoking post.

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  2. Sometimes I wonder if every woman alive hates her hair. My daughter-in-law, a beautiful blonde, straightens her curly hair. Oh, SIGH. I have fine, straight hair. Who wouldn’t love natural curls?

    We all struggle, and you’ve hit upon the perfect comfort food: chocolate. Now I want some.

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    1. You are probably right about every woman not liking her hair, at least on some days. All the ladies I know with naturally curly hate humid days. The only saving grace about my hair is that it does have a bit of natural curl to it, which is to say it gets fizzy on humid days. In Missouri in the summertime is pretty much everyone.

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  3. I can empathize–I have had many bouts of hair issues, in part because mine is baby fine, but on most days I have a lot of it (there have been times when I had none). Sometimes it’s hard to feel wonderful when it’s a cranky hair day, and chocolate is my go-to comfort food. A week or so ago, however, I contacted my hairdresser and whined about how my hair wasn’t fitting my life. She offered a suggestion, and even though she had cut it recently, we went in and made some big adjustments (which resulted in much less hair). I love it so much I treated her like an author and left a glowing online review about her work. These days, I think online reviews help (or hurt) everyone.

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  4. I am not vain about many things, but my hair is one of the exceptions to the rule. I am blessed with thick dark hair that does just about anything I ask it to do. At the moment it is SO long – the longest it has been since I was 3 years old- and the humidity is causing waves which I could never create in January if I wanted to. It is so long it gets stuck behind my back when I lean back in my wheelchair. But, it can be put up which has been wonderful this year. I’m ready to chop about 8 inches off though. Soon.

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  5. Wonderful post about an incredibly personal topic to many. Why is it that people always want what they do not have? Woman with very thin fine hair long for thick curly hair, while those that have it wish to straighten it?


    1. I don’t why that is, Via. I remember growing up I had a cousin with naturally curly hair and she always wanted it straight or curled like other girls in curlers. She tried the curlers and got beautiful long, sausage curls. At 15 not a good match! Thank you for reading and commenting.


  6. Yuuuuuupppp, babyfine and straight here. Worn long and ponytailed. It gets old. But it’s so quick and practical…sigh. LOL. Grass is always greener everywhere but here, huh? I loved your meditation…and your chocolate therapy.


  7. Oh, Stella. I have worried about my hair all of my life. I eyed both of my grandmothers suspiciously. One had wavy salt and pepper hair, and the other had hair that did nothing but seem to wave goodbye. Grandma of the thinning hair topped her head with a wiglet. One time she permed what was there to make it seem fuller. It just looked like a very sad poodle do on top of her head. I keep watching, praying I get the grey and not the thinning. Time will tell. I doubt I’d succumb to the temptations of a wiglet, but what’s a girl to do? I think most of us can relate to your hair troubles. We all have different problems; hair is a complex thing.


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