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When is a good time to write?

I have no idea. Especially if you are speaking of hours and minutes. You cannot wait for the spirit to strike, that much I do know. Because you never know IF it will strike. The best way to get that to happen is to sit and write. Doesn’t matter whether it is on paper, phone, tablet, computer or even in the air. You just need to write.

For me, a good time is the morning before I start to dally with everything else I can think of. You will notice I did not name a time. Morning runs from 12:01am to 12:00 noon. Gives me some leeway.

You know: dishes, laundry, an NCIS re-run, or even* gasp* exercise. The last never pops into my mind unless I am trying my best to want to write. That means I am getting desperate not to write.

I love to write. I love the high of getting my thoughts down exactly the way I want to say them. I love having others read and comment on my writing.

So, why is it so hard to do it? Guilt for not doing it sooner. Fear of appearing unintelligent. You know, better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth, or your computer, and remove all doubt.

The list can be long.

In my case, the primary problem is laziness. I somehow, just don’t want to take the time.

I am working on it.

What keeps you from your writing? Leave a comment. Let me know. If you have any suggestions on how to conquer the beast, leave a comment.

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7 thoughts on “Time to Write

  1. For years, I wrote every day in journals. It was the way I ended my night – a reflection of the day’s events and what had happened to me and in my head. I stopped for a few years for many reasons (excuses?). When I committed to daily writing in 2014, one of the most difficult challenges was finding time to write. Almost everyone says to do it in the morning, before life gets in the way. That is just not realistic, given my life situation. So, I write daily during the week on my lunch break from work. It is the only 30 minutes I have completely to myself, without interruption. It may not be what “everyone” recommends, but it works for me.


  2. I find I get the most work done if I do it in the morning, but I also find it easy to procrastinate. It’s one of my “strengths”. My best work is done if I set a schedule of how much work/projects I want to finish in a week, and somehow that almost always happens because I approach it with intention. Still, I’m just as capable of not-writing. I annoy myself sometimes!


  3. My morning routine is evolving, and that makes it more challenging. I’m a bit out of my groove, but I think this is going to work, to write a little later, after I’ve spent some time outdoors. My mood affects me; when I’m out of sorts, it’s a lot harder to get in the writing zone.


  4. I think I just need to schedule a daily appointment with myself, one I hold sacred, and show up for work, with wifi turned off. It’s the one thing I haven’t really tried yet.


  5. “The hardest part is getting started.” That has developed into a motto for me, and yet the struggle remains. Like you, I LOVE when a piece of writing begins to sing. But it doesn’t get that way until I’m well into the project. It’s like the clunky words have to get onto the page first–I hate seeing them–so that better ideas can bubble up.


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