Writing, I’m Writing





I ‘m writing. Well, I wrote that much, anyway. It seems to me that everything gets in the way of my writing.

Cloudy days.



A hangnail.

A good book.

Do you get the picture? I have been told by more consistent writers than I, that I should just write. I have even written about it. It seems, however, that I still do it. I  put EVERYTHING before writing.

Cloudy days make me lackadaisical and writing is hard, after all, so I put it off. And suddenly, it is a week later and no writing is done.

Company presents itself and they have to be entertained. Let us  not read any of my writing to them, it’s too personal, and besides, it may about them and I will have to defend my position to them. If I just blog it and they don’t know where to find it, they won’t read it, and I won’t have to defend myself.

Pain. I am not talking about severe pain, for that, I could forgive myself and so could everyone else. I am talking about that when you get up from a long sit and the muscles say, “Really?” and then you stretch and all is well. But there has been pain, so I can’t write through it.

A hangnail may make it difficult to type on the keyboard or make it difficult to hold a pencil, so, no writing.

A good book is always a good reason not to write. Research. No one argues with research. Of course, it is also good for comparison that you could never write like this, so why write?

I know the answer to all these things: JUST WRITE.

So, here I am writing.

I have turned on the light and it isn’t as dark with the clouds.

My company has bid me adieu, so now I can write.

I have stretched the pain away, so now, I can write.

I put a band-aid on the hangnail, so, I can write.

I finished the good book, so, now, you guessed it, I can write.

All of the excuses are covered, so let’s go write!


11 thoughts on “Writing, I’m Writing

  1. I enjoyed your post, reading about things that can quickly become distractions and feel many people will be able to related to this piece. I am admittedly a night owl and that time is generally carved out for writing, so it’s a little easier to guard the time.


    1. It seems some days are worse than others, and it makes my hubby happy if we both go to bed at 10pm, so we do. That is why it can be so totally annoying that I let that much get in my way. I am rested, fed and watered, so I should be able to sit and write.
      Glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for stopping by.


    1. I know what you about excuses lasting till late and then it is too late. I think of Scarlett O’hara when that happens, “I’ll think about that tomorrow”. I may have paraphrased that, but you get the picture. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.


  2. I am with you on this! Sometimes it’s difficult – for me, especially working through the pain and promising not to start another good book right after the first one. But I am glad to know I’m not alone, and glad to read your good words. 🙂


  3. I feel like I should go write…
    Isn’t it wild how creative we can get when we procrastinate? I thank God that when it comes to writing I don’t seem to worry about perfection as much as everything else I do in life. It is the one thing I can allow myself to “just do”.
    Yet it still gets put off, like any other form of communication it can be uncomfortable at times, even when it leaves us feeling better afterwards.
    I am glad you wrote this. Thank you for writing this Stella. 🙂


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