My Life as a Treasure Hunter

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That’s right. That is not what you usually think of as treasure. It is old, crusty and rusty.

Well, my treasures are neither what you normally think of or the above picture. My treasures consist of things I manage to put away safe.

Or just put where they cannot be found by normal people

The first time this came up  was on my first job after we were married. I worked as a file clerk in an insurance company. Not a bad job and I did it rather well. Most of the time.

One of my treasure hunts included looking for a piece of correspondence that needed to be moved from one insurance daily to another. I knew right where it was.

I knew right where it was.


Three hours later and many trips around the building later, I found it.

In my desk.

Not really my fault, because incoming mail was put on top of it by someone else.

Recently I have been looking for three books I had just bought. Two of which were part of a series and after I read one of them, I wanted to move on to the next. They were right there in that stack.

Problem was I cleaned up the office and moved the books. All of the stacks I had. I went through every bookcase I own, which would make a nice small town library,  looked under beds, in drawers and no luck.

I chose another book. Good book, just not the one I wanted.

After reading the book, I went on the search again.

And, behind a stack of upright books, on a shelf, lying down, were my books.

Wonder if I could spend that much time looking for the Lost gold of the Sierras and be as successful? Probably.


8 thoughts on “My Life as a Treasure Hunter

  1. Oh, I feel your frustration. It is maddening how many times I know exactly where I put something, but forgot I moved it from that particular spot, and I cannot recollect the last place I put it. Good luck finding the lost gold…


  2. I can so relate to this! Before vacation I put my calendar in a safe place–why take it with me, right? I might lose it. Yes, that place was so safe that I have still not stumbled upon it anywhere in the house.


    All the promotions I scheduled for my new book for the summer months were in there. I think I have regenerated the information I lost, maybe …

    Where, oh where has my memory gone? 🙂


  3. This was great and one more viewer that can definitely relate. My keys are the absolute worst. Someone should invent an app to find my keys!! Thanks for the great post! Smiling…


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