Travels of the Three Musketeers plus One


When my husband’s aunt and cousin come for a visit it is usually a couple of weeks and we do all kinds of travel. Sometimes they are just day trips, but we also work in an over- nighter or two.

This year when they came, we went out for a three nighter.

We started with state parks in Arkansas. They have some of the most beautiful parks and the daytime visits are free. There are fees if you camp or boat, but day use is free.

Our first stop was Bull Shoals White River state park. This is the park around the Bull Shoals dam which forms, you guessed it, Bull Shoals Lake. Do I know where the name came from? Nope.

It is one of four lakes formed by four dams on the White river. The dams are Beaver, in Arkansas, then the river runs through Missouri, where it is dammed to form Table Rock Lake, then Lake Taneycomo, and finally Bull Shoals in Arkansas.

Bull Shoals White River state park is lovely with winding roads and a beautiful view of the dam.

We went on to Ozark Folk Center state park.We had fun looking at the views and trying to find lunch. This is a center of folk art and demonstrations. Except on Sundays. They are closed then. We did get to see some awesome quilting and handwork.

Looking for a lunch place, meaning a picnic area, we went to the next town, which is Mountain View and found their city park with a beautiful stone amphitheater and a spring which sends its water trickling through the park. Really lovely.

From here we went on into Pine Bluff, Arkansas for the night.

Not having made reservations, we just stopped at the first one we all agreed didn’t look as though it would house Mr. Bates and his mother.

The cousin and I went to check it out and were greeted with a big smile and welcome. We asked to see a room before we made a decision.

Told the lady we would need two rooms on the ground floor as aunt doesn’t do steps. Well, the rest of us could run no races on them, that’s for sure.

She said, “Well, let me show you this suite”. Cousin and I could only see dollar signs, but said sure, why not.

It was two separate rooms with an archway between them. One side had a king bed and the other had two queens. It was the perfect set up for us, but we still dawdled a bit making the decision.

And then the magic words: You may have the suite for the cost of one room plus ten dollars.

Yep. We took the suite.

Then it came time for bed.

We realized that we would have no real privacy for clothes-changing.

We don’t normally use the bedspread on our bed, and it was king size, so we took safety pins and push pins and hung the spread over the opening.

Ta da! Instant privacy.

And good night.



12 thoughts on “Travels of the Three Musketeers plus One

  1. Your piece put me in such a mood for travel. Not the long trip kind, but trips like yours: with family or friends to overlooked or local destinations. Lovely description. Made we want to visit your area.


  2. That so reminds me of the summers when we would travel to my Grandmother’s home in Maine. We didn’t take very many side trips, but my Dad used to stop after 10 hours or 500 miles, whichever came first. Never got a suite, but it was always an adventure!


    1. We have all done the road trips where you get to stop after 10 hours whether you needed it or not. We have now advanced to stops after two hours whether you need it or not and I usually do.


  3. First thought in my head when you said you hung up the bedspread for privacy was “blanket forts!”
    It sounds like it was a great adventure (perhaps not of the Bilbo Baggins proportions 😉 ) but definitely an adventure I could see myself enjoying.
    I would be interested to hear the story behind the name “Bull Shoals” if you ever find out.


  4. The great thing about spontaneous travel is when you have unplanned events which come to be the one thing everyone remembers from the trip! It sounds like your blanket door is one of those memories.


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