30 Days of Thanks Day 9 – Guest Post by Stella Myers


Today’s guest post comes from Stella Myers, a writer I met in an online writing group. Stella blogs over at Something’s On My Mind, where I hope you’ll go read some of her posts about writing, traveling, and life lessons. Stella has been one of the most encouraging voices in my brief writing career and I am honored to bring you her guest post today – a thank you letter to a one of a kind friend.

Thank you, Floraine

Over fifty years later I can still hear you tell me how to spell your name. You said Loraine with an F. I promptly spelled it Florraine. You kindly said,“ One r, Stell.” Could I help it if my Lorraine used two r’s?

We met when we were new mamas in the hospital room being awakened at 6:00 AM for communion from the hospital priest.

Well, you got communion…

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