Word of the Year



Over the past couple of years some of my writer friends have chosen a focus word for the year. It sounded like a good idea so, last year for the first time, I chose one.  I chose intentional.  I have always traveled through life going with the flow and doing what happens to pop up. It has helped to focus my attention on the moment and decide how to go with the flow.

This year I searched for a while before coming up with a word that resonated with me. One I felt I could see would help me continue to be intentional in my journey.

Having moved to a more intentional way of looking at what happened to me and being more in the moment, I wanted something that would move beyond intentional.

One of my continual problems in life has been a true lack of self-confidence. I know that those who know me well will disagree with me, but when it comes to me being sure I can do something, there is a voice inside that says, ” Really? Do you think so?” There have been times when I shut it up with a firm yes.

When I was young I had trouble thinking I could do something, but at the same time felt that anything was possible and I could do it if I so chose. Because of the really voice I chose not to try some of the things that I could have done.

As I have gotten older the really voice has gotten a lot stronger. And it hinges on age. Aren’t I too old to try that? Why would I do that at my age? Who wants me to do that? Surely it isn’t my idea.

You get the picture.

So, 2017 has arrived and I have chosen a new word and it is Confidence.

I will attack all that I try with confidence. That really, really applies to my writing. I have lost a bit of my confidence this past year and it is time to pick it up and move on.

Welcome to my journey to confidence.




8 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. Like DeeScribes, I haven’t chosen a word but can support those that do. I like your word, and will cheer you on as you quiet that ‘really?’ voice and regain your confidence this year.


  2. I love your choice of word for this year! Here’s to a wonderfully invigorating journey towards strengthened confidence. I’m looking forward to walking beside you as you embark on this journey.


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