The Case of the Disappearing Hashbrowns

To continue our travel story we went from Pine Bluff, Ar. to Vicksburg, Ms.

Our intentions were to visit the National Park at Vicksburg, visit a few casinos and spend the night and then go on to other parks and back home.

When we travel we have discovered that the first meal we eat on the journey, will usually set the tone for future meals, i.e. quality, service and price.

The first meal out was dinner. After we had checked into the motel, we decided to try the restaurant across the parking lot. It looked clean and was busy, which is always good when selecting a restaurant. We walked in and found a table that was easy to get to, since our aunt uses a walker. The waitress was nice and took our order with no problems.

We got our food and it was what we ordered and tasty.

Breakfast the next morning, at the same restaurant because we liked it and it was close.

It started with the delivery of our breakfast. We had scrambled eggs instead of over medium. That was alright. They were flavorful and well done.The waiter was appalled that the order was wrong, so he ordered fresh eggs and brought them to our table with apologies  He did this twice and we wound up with a lot of eggs. They were good  and we appreciated his service , so left him a nice tip. Such service deserves a nice tip.

Our trip from Pine Bluff to Vicksburg was uneventful and we arrived, checked into our motel and started our sightseeing.

The National Park is awesome, but cumbersome to get around in, because their brochure doesn’t match their signage, but to read of the battles that took place there and all the planning, which was mostly trial and error, I think, was just humbling.

We then went to the casinos and did pretty good. We were tired and hungry, so decided to stop at the restaurant  on the way back to the motel and have a bite. We sat at the counter since it was easier to get to and easy is good. The waitress slapped the menus down and brought water. We decided on sandwiches. Hubby and I took hashbrowns with ours but the other two did not. We got our food in good time and when we got all settled into eating, you know, putting condiments on sandwiches, etc., the cousin said, “I didn’t order hashbrowns”. We looked at each other and then saw the waitress sitting at a table across from us working on some paperwork.

We got her attention and told her the hashbrowns had not been ordered.

The look we got would have done the wicked witch of the west proud and her monkeys scurrying for shelter. Cousin didn’t scurry. She told her she didn’t order the hashbrowns, so waitress took the plate, held it over the trash can and scraped the offending hashbrowns into it and set the plate back on the counter in front of the cousin. Who, by the way, had her mouth open as did the rest of us!

We finished our meal, some of us did, and paid our bill.

No tip was left.

And there will be no return to that restaurant.