Writing, Writing, Writing

I have been thinking about writing. You know, putting letters together to form words and then putting them together to from sentences and sentences into paragraphs and presto change-o you have a blog post.

Um, yeah.

That is, if you do it.

I just wrote I have been thinking about it.       And thinking.          And thinking.

Well, I decided to DO it.

I have slacked off writing because: my feelings were hurt. My thoughts wouldn’t come. The words stayed in my head.

I don’t know why I think my feelings were hurt, maybe because I didn’t walk into resounding applause everytime I walked into the office, or no one asked about my writing.

My thoughts wouldn’t come because they weren’t invited. You know, a thought comes through and you say, ” No, thanks. That’s a bad one.” So they don’t feel invited and stop coming.

The words stayed in my head, because I wouldn’t sit down and let them out.

You choose an excuse. There are many. I can’t use the one about two many people in the house, there are only two of us and my husband gives me the space to come into the office and computer and work on getting those words down.

And what do I do? Facebook. Games. E-mail. Staring at the screen.

Well, that’s over for now. I am writing.

I have had a tough time coming back to it, because I had convinced myself that it really wasn’t worthwhile. Sound familiar?

I truly thought only beginning writers had this problem. Well, I have been writing long enough that beginning doesn’t describe it anymore. I am a writer.

So I have to write.

Just sit down and write.

I have come back to it many times and left it just as many.

I am here to stay.

I will come back tomorrow and do it all over again. Another subject. Another story.

The subject may still be writing, but it will be a different story.

Do you have something in your life that you love that you keep leaving in a heap on the floor? Well, I am picking up my heap and making it a story.


12 thoughts on “Writing, Writing, Writing

  1. Procrastination is a writer’s biggest enemy, I think–and for me, it’s something I’m oh so good at. I am afraid of what I think, sometimes. I’m afraid more of that than what others will think. I know when my writing is good, and just as often, when it isn’t, but that isn’t the main issue I wrestle with. I’m proud of you for facing whatever excuse you met today.


  2. You are a writer. So, you have to write! And your ideas are uniquely yours, and just as valid as anyone else’s. Whenever you need a reminder, please let me know.

    For me, writing is easy. It’s the hitting ‘publish’ part I have trouble with.


      1. I hope it does, sometimes. And then I realize the fear is a good reality check. I don’t really want it to get easier, because I think that may mean I don’t care as much.


  3. Oh, I am so with you there, Stella. I really believe that if we don’t sit down and do the work, the words find another host to visit. I love your voice and the warmth with how you approach the challenge of getting the words down. This is such an approachable piece. Thank you for sharing.

    Oh, and I second what Dee said: You ARE a writer. And a fine one at that!


  4. You are 100% right about how to get it done. I know my approach as been to write ANYthing each day, and that has worked for me daily since Jan. 1st, 2014. I believe that my writing is an attempt by God to show me slices of what I’ve been unable to see so far, and so I figure I’m playing host to God when I write–no matter how mundane the subject.

    So much about writing is coming to terms with your “what” and your “why” and as part of your audience, I say keep on going. Readers come and go at times for reasons that have nothing to do with us. I love your unique take on the world.


    1. There’s nothing better for hurt feelings than writing. I hear you about not being able to write for a time. I kept writing, but not blogging, for awhile because everything I wrote seemed to be drivel. I’m so proud of you for blogging again. Your voice matters, and you need to express yourself. You ARE a writer. Welcome back. ❤


  5. The idea of sharing what you think about anything is intimidating because it leaves you open to critics. Continue to express your thoughts and feelings on any subject. You have a right to your opinion.


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