B is for Bait


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My last post was what to write about. When you decide on a subject then you have to figure how to make that story enticing enough for people to read it. You need a hook and to get them to take it you have to bait it.

Let’s talk about bait.

Let’s say you have chosen to write about writing. You want it to sound like the best thing since sliced bread and tasty.

So, begin with something that says it will make you feel better reading this. You will walk away from this knowing something you didn’t know when you started. Now, that something that you walk away with may be something that person tells you or it may be something about yourself that you discover or re-discover. You need to make your writing something someone wants to know.

Those of us sharing our thoughts and expertise, well, experience, with others need to remember that the person reading what we write is more important than I, the writer.

The reader is always the most important person in this dance. You want them to know something that has made you a better person, parent or partner. It may be what makes you happy, or what made your life easier.

For this series, we are talking about writing.

When I don’t write for a long time, and sometimes it gets into the weeks, I am grumpy. Not just the every day, not enough sleep grumpy, but the kind of grump that makes you want to kick the rocks in the driveway. I try to not get that far gone in grump, because I have really big rocks in my drive.

Now, you see my bait, which is what writing can do for you.

Well, I finally sit down and write. It doesn’t have to be the best ever, in fact it is probably the worst ever, but it has to be done.

Writing can be freeing. You can write it and keep it to yourself if it would hurt someone or you just don’t want to share or you can make a blog or story of it and publish it.

When I get something that has hurt me or made me laugh down on paper, or really, the computer, it frees up space in my head and life for new things. So, here is to new things happening and giggles galore.

Write, write, write.



2 thoughts on “B is for Bait

  1. Good advice. At the moment, I am at the “share it even if it lacks bait” stage of writing. I love your approach to this which is fun and inspiring and is reminding me not to take it all so seriously. THANK you.


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