A is for About

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This is my first post in the A to Z  blogging challenge. I have chosen a theme of ABCs for writing.

A is for About.

The eternal question for the writer is: What shall I write about?  Good question.

Well, pick a subject. I don’t know a subject. Sure you do: kids, marriage, sunflowers, sky…you get the picture.

I don’t know enough.

Sure you do. For the single person, how about do I want kids. Talk on how you do or don’t want kids. If you are writing a story, have a character that wants kids and one that doesn’t. Be the devil’s advocate and look at both sides. How will it feel not wanting children? Will you feel selfish? Will you even think about it or will it just happen that way? Do you have a choice and do you want to make the choice?

If you are writing a blog or a column on kids and wanting or not wanting them, dip into your own life and tell what you think about the subject on your blog. If you are writing a column or think piece, interview someone on each side of the question. You could also take the tack of someone who thought they didn’t want children and wound up having one through circumstances beyond their control

See? There is a lot to write about.

Asking questions is always a good way to find what to write about.



15 thoughts on “A is for About

  1. I often wonder about the thought process that leads someone to say they have nothing to write about. As you say – everyone has something to write about. You gave some great tips too.


    1. You really can write about anything, but sometimes it just seems too stupid to write about, and those are the ones that really resonate, sometimes. So, write about the sea, sky and trees.

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