Confidence with a capital C

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Whenever you write you must write with confidence. This will be the best ever. I will not give up.

This will be the best ever. I will not give up.

I will not give up.

You get the picture. Now, whether any of this comes true the first time you sit down and get those words on paper, does not matter. You hear me? It does not have to be a homerun those first words. It matters that you hit the ball, whether it dribbles off the end of your bat or lands in the center of the next yard, you have to hit it.

This year my word for the year is confidence. It sounds a little arrogant to choose that word, but it chose me. I have a little problem with the confidence of knowing I can do this writing thing. So, this year God, the universe, my unconscious, something chose it for me. I have to tell you it works. I have moved from the “I think I can” crowd to the ” I know I can” every time I sit down to write.

If you think you can’t do it, you probably can’t. However, thinking you can’t do it and having a tough time doing it are not the same thing. That is where the confidence comes in.

Writing fills your mind with ideas and ideas fill your mind with writing. You pass a rosebud opening just a tiny bit and you see in your mind the full blown rose and smell the perfume. Now, pick up a pen and write what that looked like. In person and in your mind. Have the confidence that you can do this.

Now, with confidence, read the whole thing you have written. Does it bring to mind what you saw? Is it close? If not, try again. Without confidence, it will beat you down and you won’t finish the story of the rose. Go back to the story and chose what you like. Leave the other there on the cutting room floor. When you read it with confidence it will feel real. It will feel right. Now, try it out loud to someone else.

Remember, CONFIDENCE, you can do this.


2 thoughts on “Confidence with a capital C

  1. Now that I am no more than one thousand, one hundred unbroken days of writing I will confirm you are absolutely right: proceed with confidence. The rest will work itself out. I remain endlessly fascinated at how writing can tweak your head, can tweak those around you, how many mirror up throws up over and over again. I would say if you falter at “C’ (confidence) your advice for the letter “D” covers it well. Great series.


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