Delight in Your Words

I could have called my theme emotions for writing the way my mind has lead me on the trek so far. The main thing I want to get across is that we need to be as positive as we possibly can about what we do, how we do it and how we like it.

Delighting in what we do is not a 24/7 thing, but a burst in the middle of mediocrity. It may be only one one phrase or word, but when it is right, enjoy it.

Writing is not always delightful. Sometimes it is one of those, ” Awwww, mom, do I have to?” kind of things. It is in the ” do I have to” that we find the delight. The delight of a child seeing the candle on their birthday cake for the first time. There is also delight in seeing that birthday candle for 60th or 80th time. Our job is capture that and share it.        It isn’t bad to enjoy the fruits of your labors, just remember there are more to produce and more to remember.

Be delighted in that sentence that says this is the way it was that day. The next three paragraphs may bring tears of frustration to your eyes, but there is that one sentence that makes it worthwhile to keep trying. And even if only one sentence on that page makes you grin, delight in it. Especially since that may be the very one you have to kill before the story is complete.

Delight in the Lord always. That is what has come to my mind, delight in Lord and delight in what we do.

Go forth and delight.


12 thoughts on “Delight in Your Words

  1. I love this series. When I think of times when you struggled and then I see the wisdom and humor you’ve brought to this, I’m tempted to put the words in your mouth that it was all worth it. As for the Lord, when I get stuck, thats where I always head.


  2. When I feel like writing is becoming a chore (which isn’t very often to be honest) I take a break. Walk away for a while. I always find I come back in a different frame of mind.


  3. Well, I’m delighted I popped in for this one. In the midst of chaos and clutter with puppies, I often pause and reflect, and find many things that delight me about Bristol and Sam. They really do make me happy.


    1. When you have any ‘youngins’ in the house whether be two-legged or four you need to step back and reflect so you don’t get caught up in the clutter and chaos. Thanks for coming by.


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