Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

We’ve all used them. We have pretty much heard ’em all and we have used them all. Each and every one from the dog ate my homework to the computer ate my draft. Now, both may really happen, but mostly they are the result of putting off doing what we should do whether it is doing our homework or doing the dishes. With the dishes thing, you usually say I will do it tomorrow.

Excuses take us from bad grammar to sloppy work. Bad grammar sneaks in when we are in a hurry because we used too many excuses and ran too short of time getting our story or article done. Sloppy work occurs when we have waited too long to start on the story or article or when we just cease to like the story we are working on.

Now, to keep in the theme from the last two posts, let’s be positive on this. Excuses can lead you to a story. Let’s say you have started a story about a girl who never seems to get anywhere on time. The excuses you have used to not do this story could be applied to her circumstances. Let’s say you have tried to get to the computer to work on this, but instead, you find that there is a stack of old mail you have not sorted through, so you decide to do this now. Really? It hasn’t been there long enough in your way for you to have worked on it before? You start through it and discover an invite to a party…yesterday. You start making your excuses in your head and you realize that your character could use that to get out of  alphabetizing her notes for school.

If you are writing an article on the street in front of your house going to more and more potholes and not getting response from the city as to why this is not being done, you discover that you have let the time run close to the deadline of getting it in the paper. When you start with your excuses, and you will, you may find a beauty that the city would use for the reason they haven’t done anything about your street and your article takes off and you are done in time for the deadline. you know the one: the groundhog is nesting and they don’t want to disturb it. Well, that may not have been your excuse, but you see how our reaction to things can get us started on our story that our excuses have kept us from finishing.

I have used enough excuses so will draw this post to a close.

Remember that all things can help our writing, even our excuses. Now, step away from the excuses and write.


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