Being able to put words together to tell a story is a gift. We can all write. We just can’t all write a story, or don’t enjoy the telling of the story. Those of us who can and do have a gift. And we should share it.

Nothing is easy about the gift and anyone who has a gift for doing something, whether it be making an awesome loaf of bread to singing an aria, will tell you it isn’t easy. Oh, we say it is no worry, no problem and the reason we say that, is we don’t want to admit to you that it is work. Especially when you don’t want to do it, but know you must because of deadline or a promise. There are other times when you sit down and you have two thousand words in two hours. Other times, you may have two words that you deign to keep.

But it is pure joy to get a piece done and have someone read it and say, “Fabulous!”, of course, that all goes pffffffffffffffffffffft when someone else reads it and is not impressed. When you take both into account and average out and it becomes, well, average, life seems okay then and you can move on to the next piece.

I think that when people say you have a gift for doing something, they think you can do that thing without thinking about it or having to learn to use it. You have to think how best to use it.

You have to learn to use it.

If as a writer you think there is nothing to learn or that over time you haven’t learned something, look at something you wrote 2 years ago. How does it look? How does it sound? You still have words, sentences and paragraphs, but don’t they look different? Don’t they sound different? Yes, they do. Because you learned how best to put them together. Aside from learning how best to put the words together, you have to learn about your subjects. You need to do research.

Unless you are a seventeen-year-old, you don’t know everything.

You know what feelings feel like, love, hate, passion, joy, but you don’t quite know how I feel. If you write about me you want to know how I feel and then you have to find a way to show those feelings to the world.

The writer’s mantra is ” Show don’t tell”.

Telling is: She went home and had dinner.

Showing is: She dragged herself to the car and noticed that the tank was close to empty. She slammed the key in the ignition, ground on the motor and when nothing happened knew she had to walk to the station three blocks away to get a can of gas and then trudge back.

My wish is that my gift to you is an understanding of having a gift and learning to use it.





6 thoughts on “Gift

  1. Haha I totally loved that line that “Unless you are a seventeen-year-old, you don’t know everything.” 🙂 it sounds like you’ve got one of those in the house lol.


    1. Miss Andi, it is also a favorite line from song that goes, ” Back when I knew it all” cannot remember the name, but it is a country song. I loved the line.


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