Writing is FUNdamental


I know, I borrowed the reading slogan and switched, but it fit so well, I couldn’t resist. And besides writing is FUNdamental. You have to know the fundamentals of putting words in sentences and sentences into paragraphs for the writing to be fun to read and write. Punctuation is also one of the fundamentals. I think maybe the most important. I once read a novel that didn’t use anything but periods. No capitals, no paragraphs or dialog thingys. You know what I mean. It was difficult, but the writer knew what she was doing and made the words be the punctuation as well as telling the story.

Once you know the fundamentals, of any language, you are now ready to put that fun into play.

When you make someone laugh, cry or cry out in fear or trepidation, you know you have that one thing right. Um, that is if that was what you were going for.

When you write try having fun with the language. Use something that is normally a noun and make it a verb or vice versa. It can be a lot of fun if you are writing with a character for whom English is a second language.

One of my favorite tv shows is NCIS and my favorite character was Ziva David. She was Israeli who worked at NCIS as an agent and the writers had fun with her lines. She would say looking for a needle in a needle stack and when she was corrected to needle in a hay stack, she asked why you would look for a needle in a haystack.

See? You can have a lot of fun with words. And if you are a poet it is FUN. Trying to put a mountain of words in a hillock of space makes for fun.

I have used the word ‘fun’ a lot here, but if we don’t have fun with what we do, we get stale and so does our writing. If you find yourself looking for ways to have fun writing, try using only 26 words and make it a 500 word story.

Or paragraphs in alphabetical order. You know: First paragraph starts with A and second B and so on through the alphabet.

Now, go have fun.


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