Joy to You and Me

So, now that I may have given you an earworm of Jeremiah was a Bullfrog, let’s see how writing can bring Joy to you and me. As writers we tend not to see the joy as much as the job. You want to get the piece done on time and as perfect as you can make it.

If you do find a gem that sticks with you in your writing, you rush on to the rest so you can get it done and in the mail, or in the cloud of the internet.

Try to find a time to just write for joy. It could be called free writing, but sometimes something happens and you want that feeling on paper. You want to share that look of pure joy on the face of the child whose parent has just returned from a deployment, or the mother as she holds her newborn. EnJOY those. Get that joy down.

It takes a while to get to the point of thinking of yourself as a writer and because of that we don’t say with joy, ” I am a writer”. We should though. Just because everyone can write, not everyone can make the words sing.

When I don’t feel I am making them sing and know that I may never do it, I remember a scene from our all time favorite show M*A*S*H. Major Charles Winchester is treating a concert pianist who has his life, but has lost his ability to play because of the injury. His hand will have full function, but not performing function. He tells Charles that his life is done. Charles tells him to look at his hands. Even with one hand he can play at concert level. He says that though he can play the piano, the patient can make the songs sing. That is what we need to remember.

We can make those words sing.

Here is to making those words sing like Beethoven.





2 thoughts on “Joy to You and Me

    1. I could possibly have the concert part wrong, but I know that Charles brought him many pieces of music written for the left hand, and when he played one it was very good and was one-handed.


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