L is for Language

Language according to my old Webster’s Collegiate dictionary is any way to express your ideas. That’s the short version. I didn’t want to take up all my space on their words or language.

We have all heard of the language of love meaning how people show their love, either by words, signs or movements.

When writing we need to use all of the language we can find.

Always, always showing not telling. Using words in unusual ways to describe something, grabs the attention and shows a picture. One of my favorite phrases I have read is ” a puddle of puppies”. You can just see the unevenness of the outline of the puppies all lying together with heads on each other’s rear or paws.

What ever we can do to get the reader to see what we saw when we wrote it, we should do. And we should not be surprised when someone reads it and sees something different. It may be something we can use in another piece.

Language is more words. It can be hugs, looks, or even nods.

Use it all and use it well.



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