N is for Nothing

We often say we have done nothing, or have nothing to do. Or the very favorite, I have nothing to write about. We discussed this in the A post. There is always something to write about.

Now, would it be wrong or unhelpful if you truly felt drained with no energy to write? No.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best refueler you can have. While doing nothing your brain has a chance to roam and investigate that hazy memory that had appeared a while back and had been left on the floor because you didn’t want to do it then.

Doing nothing gives you the opportunity to maybe read a book or bake some bread. I do nothing really well. The reason I do it well is because I have no guilt over doing nothing.

I have learned that guilt will get me nowhere and doing nothing may lead me somewhere.

So the next time you feel like doing nothing…just do it.

You do not need to spend the entire day doing nothing, but that half hour or so may net you some pretty big fish when you go back to doing something.

Excuse me, I have some nothing to get  back to.


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