O is for Oleo strut

I am betting not many will know what an oleo strut is. Neither did I until I was dictionary reading and saw it.

It is a part on an airplane that pushes oil into an opening in a hollow piston to absorb the shock in landing gear.

Now, how is this going to work with writing? Well, when you write a story you have to have ascendance to a climax and you need something to soften that landing back into your life or the character’s life so that you or they do not fall into an abyss of horror or death.

Therefore you need an oleo strut. Someone or something that can put the oil or a padding that softens the landing after the climax. The climax that can mean the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one or even being just missed by the semi going through the yellow light.

When you write a story or article you know that there will be conflict and you have to resolve it. When you resolve it there is fall out and recovery to what is either the old normal or the new normal that is where your oleo strut comes in to play.

We have all had oleo struts in our life, be it the nurse that shows the new mother how to hold the baby when feeding or the friend who holds your hand after a break-up.

And there you have it. My take on an oleo strut.




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