P is for Pens, Pencils and Practicality

Since I loved O so much I posted two pieces, I decided to cover three Ps in this post.

People, could have used that one, always want to know how your write or rather what do you write with, pen, pencil or computer. I actually use all of them.

The practicality of it is sometimes what is available. I cannot always carry a computer, but I usually find paper and pen or pencil. I like a pen and paper sometimes to be able to see it in black and white. It makes it more real for me. AndI know it can be black and white on my computer, but paper is easier to carry from place to place than my pc.

The computer is what  I write my blog and other notes and pieces because that is usually where I am when it is time to write. And I usually can read my notes easier on the computer. I still have the same ol’ problem of where is it after I have written it and put it in a folder of some kind.

Pens and paper are what I learned to write with. I am left handed and the years that I was in school I usually had a black side of my hand because my hand went over my pencil writing and picked up the lead. I also have to turn my paper a certain way to write, but not my computer or my keyboard. So, really, computer is easier for me.

Here’s to writing with what makes you most comfortable and productive.




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