Q is for Quietude

Quietude is the state of stillness or calmness. Sometimes when we are trying to write we feel as though there is a squirrel loose in our brains jumping from this twig to that nut. We can’t seem to find a spot to land and rest to see what our brain can tell us.

You may not need a quiet place to have a quiet mind. Lots of people use music to write to. I find that just the sounds in the house around me are enough to keep me on track. I have learned not to jump and run at every sound in the house to see what is happening. I can write through it. I can do it because there are only two of us and I usually know where and what the other half is doing, so, quietude.

One of my favorite Bible verses is ” Be still and know that I am God”. He usually comes to you in the quiet times and so do ideas. Ideas, and your muse, like to be heard and if you have that squirrel in a cage rattling around up there, they don’t talk to you. They sometimes go away where it is quiet and wait.

And wait.

And finally you get the idea to shut up the squirrel, maybe give him a nut, and then the ideas creep back to you.

Slowly, very slowly.

Be ready to put them down on paper or in the computer when they return. Take copiousĀ notes and see what happens when quietude returns.

Here’s to a quiet squirrel and lots of ideas.


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