Reeling Them In

You want to reel your readers into the story or article that you are writing. We have talked about the hook and how you need to bait it. Now that it is baited and wiggled in front of your reader, you want to reel them into what you want to say.

You can do it gently or you can do it quickly and hard.

Let’s say you are writing a story about a vampire. Your hook may have been him skulking around looking for prey. You describe the area, you describe the prey, and then you have him strike. That would be my gentle reel.

Or you have him take the prey down in the first page. That would be quick and hard.

To reel them in you tell the story of the vampire’s descent into being a vampire.

Or you could start with the prey.

You could tell about the prey’s background and how they got to be in that place and time.

Reeling them in you will use mini climaxes or string them along until the major climax of how the vampire is killed or gets away to prey another day.

Or perhaps the final climax would be the prey and the vamp getting together either as lovers or cohorts. In all of this you will decide if the prey at the beginning is just dinner or will become another vamp.

Here is to reeling in the big one.



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