W for Wend

“Wend: to go in a specified direction, typically slowly or in an indirect route.”

That pretty much is how I write: specified direction (finish) slowly or indirectly.

I know where I want to go, just not how to get there.

When you start to write, you know you want to say something. Maybe it is to say how to make biscuits or what your purpose in life is. You have to start somewhere and end somewhere else. You don’t want to end where you started unless the journey is what you are trying to sell.

Let’s say you want to talk about biscuits. Your specified direction is the recipe. Now, you are wending your way to the end. Moving slowly, or indirectly.

Moving slowly, you could tell the story of how you made your first biscuits and the results. Then you could list the recipe.

Story done.

You could do it indirectly by talking about your grandmother. You could tell how you spent time with her and what you did.

One of those things you did could be the biscuits. You made them one morning for the family with grandma, but you did all the work. They don’t know that and tell grandma that those are the best they ever ate.

Which could easily move in to the next story.

When you write you could picture wending your way through a garden as you try to put together your story, whether it is biscuits or flowers.

Here is to wending your way to a great story and great career of writing.




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