Trying to find an X word for my X day took a bit. Getting it to fit into the theme of ABCs for writing took a bit more, but here we go.

Xenia means the direct influence of pollen upon the seed in the cross-pollination fo certain plants.

Xenia in writing is when you are reading or researching something and you look in another category and it fits what you want to say in your piece. If you are researching about dogs and how they relate to their masters you may want to check out other master/subject relationships to see how they relate from animals to humans. You come across a story where the master/slave has the same encounters and responses. You can use this to show that relationships are similar across the animal kingdom.

Thus you have cross-pollinated with animals and humans.

It could work in other instances, also, and maybe it is a stretch of cross-pollinating a plant to cross-pollinating a story, but that is what we do as writers…make connections that you may not come across anywhere else.

Go write and see what hybrids you can come up with in your story.


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