How I Voted

I was asked recently why I voted the way that I did. I didn’t vote in support of a particular person but rather for something I believed needed to happen. I needed change in the government.

I needed to feel that the things that were going on needed a different direction.

It had been the same old, same old for a long time. The press and the people kept saying we needed change. We needed to oust the old regime. No one needed to be a senator for fifty years or a representative for twenty-five. We already have a limit on presidents, yet it seems we keep electing the same type.

If you do what you have always done expecting a different outcome, you are considered crazy. I believe that is what we, as a country, have been doing. The same parties have presented us with the same people every election over the past few years. The lead candidate may be different, but the ones running in the first places, pretty much the same ones. And when the primary one is chosen, pretty much the same guy as last election.

This time around we were presented with someone old and someone new. The country decided on the someone new.

We do not need a lesson on the electoral college, here. Just expressing what happened.

Now, we can berate, berate, berate, but it doesn’t change it. We are in for four years of different.

Do you think we could look at the new and see how we could work with it, and not keep seeing things the way we WANT them? Maybe the left won’t get all it wants. Probably won’t. Maybe the right won’t get all it wants. Probably won’t. Would that be so terrible?

Do we get everything we want anywhere in our lives? No. We compromise and share.

If we are going to point out everything the president, congress, governors, etc. are doing wrong in our way of thinking, nothing will get done. Our country will fall by the wayside. I love my country. My military, my policemen, and firemen, but if we don’t figure out a way to let things get done, they may all go by the wayside and we will have chaos.

I know there will be some awful things done by this administration and some awesome things, also.

I don’t want anyone to lie down accept whatever is proposed, but could we look at the fight we present and perhaps lose as a way to fight better and win a bit more next time? We need help for impoverished people, people who need help to live a good life and help for those who protect us. How can we do it? I really have no clue, but someone does.

This is how I voted and how I hope we can get along, somehow.


12 thoughts on “How I Voted

  1. I love many people who voted for Trump and even though I don’t like him, my love of them remains unchanged. I try to read between the media on both sides and remember that everyone I have talked to followed their values and had to make a decision based on the facts available. If anything suggests to me we need to invest in a independent press, it is the polarized results of the election. In any case, no hard feelings. I respect your reasons for voting as you did.


    1. Thank you, Tonia for your continuing love and respect for my outlook on life. Please know it is returned. I’m pretty sure some of the people who read this think,” dang, thought that woman had more sense”, and I appreciate their view, I just used the sense I had to make my decision. Thanks for continuing to come by and read and comment.


  2. I agree with Tonia’s comments, and believe it or not, I agree with much of what you wrote as well. I may not agree with your candidate choice, but I stand by your right to express yourself!


    1. I think we all be surprised as to how much we all agree on things, but due to party affiliations, upbringing or faith, we find ourselves on opposite sides and forget to treat each other with kindness and respect. Thank you for your good words and thanks so much for dropping by and reading.


  3. I appreciate the way you chose to word this. I agree with so much of it, and it’s rare right now to see something that doesn’t vilify one side or the other. Thank you.


    1. I was and am really tired of the vilification that this election has brought out in everyone. I know it sometimes sounds Polly Annaish to say I think it will all work out, but you just can’t hate or dislike all the time. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by.

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  4. I’m glad you put this into words. We are writers, and we do a service to others, and I think we help the democracy, by using our freedom of speech. You did not bash the other candidate, you kept it positive, and I applaud you for that. Thank you!


    1. I do hope we can get along. I know that to some the ones who voted for Trump are nothing more than ignorant, uninformed ones. There are some of the those, and it is very hard to put how you feel into words. The most common thing to say seems to be something along the lines of ” He will make America great again.” Pretty sure he won’t without help and maybe what we really need is a new great America. We all know when we break a relationship it is never the same, it can still be great, but different. And I think we all agree that America is broken, how to fix it is the problem. Here’s to a great America.

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  5. It takes a certain amount of courage to write a post like this. Although I’ve talked with many about the American election, I am keenly aware that it isn’t my election. I’m trying to listen to both sides, as there are people I respect who have voted for each of your parties. I’m very interested in the reasons why people voted the way they did though, and I have learned a lot–and will be applying much of it in future discussions here. Thank you.


    1. I haven’t decided whether it was courage or stupidity, but I wanted to say it. I wanted to know that what I felt I could put into words. I did not want to hurt feelings or make anyone believe that I don’t love them, I do. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and commenting.


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