Best Breakfast Ever

I was challenged by a writing prompt to talk of my best breakfast ever. I thought and thought, because breakfast really isn’t something I think about.

I have a great husband who does breakfast duty and cooks everything from eggs to french toast and chocolate chip pancakes and everything in between.

Right after this challenge was issued, I got sick and had to go on a clear liquid diet for three days and then soft diet for a week after.  This all happened the day before Thanksgiving and we had already invited friends over for the feast. It was all planned: turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, gravy, hot rolls and pumpkin pie.

And I got: broth.

Oh, and water and ginger ale. Unfortunately, clear liquids did not include white wine.

I felt so much better on Thanksgiving day than I had the days before, that I was really okay with it.


It was my second day on the liquid diet and so I had one more day and could move to soft diet.

The third day passed and….Saturday morning I could EAT breakfast instead of drinking it.

What did I opt for my first real meal in three days?


Smooth, silky mashed potatoes.

I dreamt about those potatoes for two nights. I could pass on the turkey and dressing. I could skip the rolls. But, oh those potatoes. They haunted me.

My first bite made me moan with pleasure. Who knew potatoes could taste that good?

They were everything I wanted them to be. They slid into my mouth with ease and just melted down my throat. They were warm, smooth and delicious.

Best breakfast ever.


8 thoughts on “Best Breakfast Ever

  1. I think mashed potatoes sound divine for breakfast. As you know, I hardly ever eat what some would consider traditional breakfast food for breakfast. If I had mashed potatoes, I’d eat them for breakfast too. Hope you’re feeling better!


    1. These were so good and I forgot to mention that hubby had made all of the Thanksgiving feast. I am not much of a traditional breakfast eater, either. A hamburger has been known to make my day start right. Thanks for stopping by.


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