Winter in Southwest Missouri

For the past two or three years, we haven’t much of a winter. A bit of cold, snow that comes early in the morning and gone by noon, and some ice. Ice is my least favorite thing to try to endure, so mostly I don’t. God gave it to us, we are retired, we can just stay in until he takes it away.

This year in January winter came.January 14, 2018Now in my part of the world this usually quits with this amount, but this time the snow mounted up and the temperature bottomed out. We finished with 7 inches of snow and lows in the negative for most of the week. By the end of the week, the outlook had changed.sunshine and 60 Jan. 25, 2018.and today, January 25 it is 60 degrees and sunny. That’s the reason we love winter in the Ozarks.


8 thoughts on “Winter in Southwest Missouri

    1. Exactly how I like it. I know you like lots of snow and cold, but this suits me fine. It is great fun to get enough snow to do snow angels or build a small snowman, but this one would not have made the snow man. And it was tood cold to do the angel!

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  1. What a change in the two photos! Here in the Northeast, we had a couple of weeks of COLD and some snow. Now, the snow has mostly melted thanks to 2 days of sunshine and increased temperature. I know we still have 2 more months, but I’m over winter.


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