Being Alone Together



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When our children were little, being alone with my husband was a sought after time. We only had night time when they were asleep or nap time. He was not around much at nap time. Our only choice was night time.

When you get up at 5:30 am for work and to get the kids off to school, their sleep time was our sleep time.

If we had time for conversation it was that fifteen minutes between their falling asleep and our stumbling up stairs to crawl into bed for our own sleep time.

As they grew and their sleep time came more into sync with our sleep time, our alone time was after dinner while they did homework and played.

This alone time was shortened when we all watched a favorite t v show together. We could go out, and did, leaving the kids with baby sitters or alone as they aged.

The alone time at the house without going to a movie or out to eat was minimal.

Little did we know that when they were grown and with their own families, that our alone together time would lengthen to the point of at home all the time.

We are now retired, and it amazes me how much time we are alone together. Not a bad thing, just something I never thought about. I have always felt that when we are together we should be together.

If he was outside, I should be outside.

If he was inside, I should be inside. Now if that meant that what I wanted to do was put to the side to be together, that was what was done.

Well, we have been retired now over ten years.

I have come to the conclusion, that as long as we are available to each other for companionship or help in a project, we don’t need to be in the hip pocket of the other.

Now, this may seem a “duh” moment to those of you still with family around and jobs to go to, but it took me a long time to get there.

What I want you to know, is that I now relish the alone time we have and the ability we have to do things together whether it is making a pie or just sitting on the sofa together. I think this is what retiring should look like.


Goin’ On A Roadtrip

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My hubby has wanted to go to Yellowstone for as long as I have known him. So, this year our kids gave us the trip as an early anniversary present and we jumped at it. We planned it so we could go before the Memorial Day week-end, but with bad weather and a change in plans we wound up going on Memorial Day week-end.  We were coming into the park from California after a short visit with my brother.

We got into the area on Saturday of that week-end and decided to stay in Belgrade, Mt. It is about an hour from the park and about ten minutes from the headwaters of the MIssouri river, which is something we are interested in. The picture below is taken at the headwaters, which is really the convergence of the Gallaton and Madison rivers, rather than a stepping across point like the headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca, Mn. It was great fishing, apparently, because there were several fishing. Since we were in Lewis and Clarke area, we went to the Lewis and Clarke state park, which was beautiful and enjoyable.

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After we finished this tour we went back for a nap and then on to Hylite park in Bozeman.  It has a gorgeous lake and some trails. We are not mountain climbers, but we can still do a trail or two. When we got to one spot in the park there was a sign, not a sign from above, but a sign. Well, it said falls and .7 miles. We walk about a mile and a quarter several times a week, so we’re up for this.

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Sure we were. We forgot. We were in the mountains, and if you have a falls they have to up to fall from something. We made it. With two rest stops and two trees to climb over. But it was worth it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera         Don’t you think? It was a beautiful falls.

This is the main attraction for us at Yellowstone: Old Faithful. She performed beautifully for us. They post the approximate times of Old Faithful going off. We got there about 15 minutes before the time. We got a great vantage point. There were lots of people a lot closer, but we didn’t get wet and we didn’t have to smell the sulphur. Just enjoyed the geyser.

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This was a bonus for us. It is Cascades falls in the park. They are lovely and they had a great platform to view it from.

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These are the highlights from Yellowstone. There will more roadtrip pictures later. We are planning a roadtrip to Minnesota later and I am sure there will be stories to tell and pictures to show. Thank you for stopping by.