Getting Help

As we grow older we need help in a lot of places.

Doing business, doing taxes, walking, seeing, hearing….

You get the idea. We all need of help all of our lives in on form or another, but growing older assures you will need physical help as well as learning to do new stuff.

Well, this week I entered into some help that has been apparent for a few years, but money and stubbornness held me back. This year my insurance kicked in with some help for the hearing aids.

I decided to stop being stubborn.

I picked them up today, they are basic, which means the technology is basic, it is however wonderful to me.

I remember getting my first pair of glasses when I was 14 and thinking I was just appeasing family and the doctor by submitting to them.

Well, when I sat in the office and put on the specs he asked if I didn’t see better. Well, I couldn’t tell, because I could see him just fine before and after the glasses.

Then I turned and looked out the front window of the office and across the street to see the trees. They were just fine.

He said now, continue looking across the street and take them off and put them on again.Image result for trees

Oh, my goodness. You mean you are supposed to see the LEAVES on the trees, not just a green mass at the top?

Well, that is exactly how I felt when she turned my aids on. I mean I could her rustle the paper across the room from me.


Yes, really. I could her footsteps. I don’t mean I am deaf, I’m not, I have mostly lost the top range of my hearing, so that the ends of words and the soft sounds of whispers are lost. Typical of growing older. Sometimes it can be a blessing, because that screaming child at the back of the church isn’t nearly as loud to me. But being able to hear it, is really a blessing.

This is my first day. I am wearing them a few hours a day for a while, but man oh man, is it nice. And I was a bit anxious as to how it would be. Then I decided that if God made the people who invented these things, and He did, then why shouldn’t I use them?

Until next time. Meanwhile, I will listening to the birds and the rain on the roof.


Of Bifocals, iPhones and Technology

If you have been reading my blog here, you know I am technologically challenged.

I have had several people tell me that they cannot copy and paste. I hear ’em. I have conquered that particular part of technology. Mostly.

When I needed bifocals, I thought no big deal. And really it wasn’t. I just didn’t use them. They were there. It was just easier to whip them off and read without them. I am near sighted and it just comes with the territory.

My hearing can make it challenging, too. Not that I have a noticeable problem, I just hear what I want to hear: I always thought I was near-sided and often wondered what that meant. Then I read it and understood.

Bifocals were no big deal until I couldn’t read without them, then I had to learn. My learning curve can be pretty steep sometimes.

Then bifocals didn’t help with the computer. So, I now have TWO pairs of glasses: one for driving and reading and one for reading and doing computer and table games.

Okay. I now have mastered bifocals and some technology.

We now get to move to iphones. We have had a flip phone for over 13 years now. Please wipe the tears from your laughing face. It has worked well. I have even managed to learn to text on it. And if you ever received one of texts you might know that.

So, our daughter offered to let us have one of her old iphones, meaning it is less than two years old, and we finally accepted.

My hubby was not happy to move from his flip phone. He can answer, call and even pick up texts with it, so not looking forward to learning new stuff.

I was excited to move further into the technology age.

And now I have.

We added another line and let hubby keep his flip phone and they gave me the old number we had so that I could get all the calls.

How do you answer this thing again?

I promise, I. Will. Learn.

Come join me on this journey.