Hearing Aids, Part II

I have finally gotten my aids to full power or to goal as the lady said. I didn’t know that at each appointment to up the percentage would take me to new worlds of sound and sometimes wish I had taken them out or covered the mics in them. And then I would settle down and enjoy being able to hear my daughter talk to me from the other room without her shouting.

I love them. I love that I can understand what people are saying to me from across the table in the restaurant.

I can tell you that with hearing better comes the necessity of LISTENING better. When you aren’t sure what someone has said you either smile and nod or just tune in to someone next to you and don’t listen to the other person.

Now, you know someone is talking to you and you need to listen to what they are saying. I have read hundreds of words on being an attentive listener, and thought I was. Now, I know I might not have been.

I will try to listen better and be more attentive.

Hear is to be better listening.