7 Things You Should Know About Marriage Longevity



This picture may not quite fit the title, but it does fit the content. When you have found someone with whom to share time, they are your cup o’ tea.

This past week we celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary. When you get past the 50 year mark, people want to know how you did it.

I have been thinking on that and have come up with seven things you need to know about marriage longevity.

  1. As the joke goes, ” Don’t die!”. That’s pretty crucial.
  2. Forgive. Constantly. Yourself included. I find it is harder to forgive me than anyone else. That may be because I know what I had INTENDED to do and didn’t. I have no idea about your intentions.
  3. Have fun. Take the time to do ridiculous stuff. Ride a giraffe, if you can. Play mini golf, just to do it. Not to win.
  4. Play games together. Try not to be overly competitive. It’s hard, but you live with this person. Don’t LET them win, but be nice when they do.
  5. Do at least one thing a year that the other person wants to do and you don’t. It builds character and, golly, you may find a new interest.
  6. Talk. Seriously, talk about everything. You don’t have to share every single secret you have, but talk. Have a real conversation where you exchange ideas and feelings.
  7. Love, love, love your partner. And with that love give 100 per cent of your attention, participation and love. I know that’s repetitive, but necessary. I leave you with this: Use this list to make your own for how you have had a long-time relationship.